MA2 Controller

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Mixer Digital

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Support Advanced Lighting Protocol: DMX512, Art-Net, CAN.

Network-based scalable design, can be an external network expander.

Supports 65536 control channels.

Full touch control screen.

Real-time backup design, compatible with MA2 system, can be mutually support.

Disaster Instant Recovery Start the system.

Intelligent technical features Automatic lighting with automatic patching fixtures built-in 7000 kinds of computer lighting database, the user can operate directly. Support conventional lights, moving head lights, computer lights, LED lights, multimedia digital lights, and so on. While supporting graphical manual configuration. Intelligent control design page 100 control design page, through the expansion of the number of electric putter and multiple touch screen to achieve intuitive and fast control, able to handle almost unlimited number of presets, scenes, special effects and programs. Powerful computing capability Powerful real-time control design and computing power, while real-time control of 65536 channel parameters. Built-in powerful computer system. Instant automatic backup Instant automatic backup The main console will automatically switch to the standby console or PC system ON PC when an exception occurs. Multi-Protocol Support Multi-Protocol Support Compatible with DMX512, ART-NET and CAN and other international general lighting protocols.

Parameter description:

Using Taiwan's industrial screen, higher brightness, wider viewing angle

Full-quiet type of professional mechanical buttons (backlight brightness adjustable)

Built-in push-pull professional backlit mechanical keyboard (adjustable backlight brightness)

All encoders are anti-wear, magnetic sensing and integrated pushbuttons

Adjustable front panel for electric display

Wide voltage design: AC 165V - 260V, power: 350W

Built-in UPS power supply, with undervoltage, overvoltage protection

Solid and reliable solid-state hard drive to ensure data security

Two work lights socket (console integrated work light switch function)

A dimming wheel

An electric master push rod (60mm)

2 electric A / B interchangeable push rod (100mm)

30 electric program execution putter (60mm)

2 DVI-I interfaces, expandable two displays, Midi input / output interface, LTC time code

Two Gigabit network interface to ensure that data transmission efficiency without delay

4 USB ports (2 on the back of the console)

A 9-inch touch screen

Three 15.4-inch touch screen

7 DMX outputs, one of the interface complex DMX input function (3584 DMX output channels)

And NPU (network processing unit), each session can be up to 65536 control parameters (up to 256 DMX512 output)

Up to 32 sessions, up to 200 sites per session group

Compatible with Wysiwyg software

Compatible with grandMA - onPC software

Compatible with grandMA - 3D software

Intuitive program editing control and offline programming

Size: 1120 * 750 * 290mm

Weight: 80KG