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Đèn Beam Moving Head Light 280W sử dụng bóng OSRAM 7R 10R

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Power supply:electronic auto-ranging

Input voltage range:supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Live Fuse: T 5 A/250V,

Neutral Fuse: T 5 A/250V

Max. power consumption: 470 W at 230V (I=2,05A,power factor 0.96)

Typical power consumption: 390W at 230V (I=1.8A, power factor 0.95)

*Allow for a deviation of +/-10%


Approved model: YODN HRI 280W RO

Base FaP2.5

Lamp life: 2000 hrs (Standard mode)

3000 hrs (Eco mode)


Optical System:

High luminous-efficiency glass reflector

Beam range: 5°-20° (spot application)

2.5°-10° (beam application)

Colour wheel:13 dichroic filters + white

Static gobo wheel:10 metal gobos & 4 beam reducers

Rotating gobo wheel:

9 glass gobos can be indexed and rotated in both directions at different speeds


Rotating 6-facet linear prism with continuous rotation in both directions

Rotating 8-facet circular prism with continuous rotation in both directions

Frost filter:Separate,variable frost filter

Zoom:Linear motorized zoom

Strobe:Strobe effect with variable speed (max.15 flashes/sec.)

Dimmer:Smooth dimmer from 0 - 100 %


DMX in/Out: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR

size: 47*47*60cm

Weight (net):22 kg