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Đèn Sky rose Search Light 7KW

Gọi 028 377 10440 để được trợ giúp

Voltage:AC220V 50Hz

Lamp spec:XHA2KW-5KW 

Lamp life :800 hours( light decay after 600 hours)

Colour temperature:6000k

Adjustment angle:Horizontal 110°(Can be customized 180°/360° )

Vertical 45°

IP Rate:IP44 

Intensity of electricity resistance:7.5KV

Insulation resistance:>2MΩ

Light beam angle:0.6°-0.8°

Control mode:Stand-alone mode

Colour effect:white, red, blue, green, yellow,purple are optional

Size:69*58*101cm  50kg

Wooden case:73*61*105cm  68kg

Flight case:77*66*122cm  83kg