Sunny 512 controller

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Bàn điều khiển Sunny 512 controller

Gọi 028 377 10440 để được trợ giúp

Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz.

512 DMX channels with 2 optical isolated output.

32 units with 16 DMX channels each.LCD display.

16 channel faders, 1 chase speed fader, 2 modulation Wheel for 16 bit of Tilt / Pan.

48 chases, total 1600 steps. Each step contains its speed and cross time, can be set respectively.48 scenes.

15 environment programs to output the combination, which are composed of different scenes, chases and manual output quickly.

4 chases, 48 scenes can be run simultaneously. Can control 32 units synchronously

Backup or restore with USB Flash drive.

Music trigger function for Chase.

The Data auto-saves.

Option: 12V Gooseneck lamp with BNC Socket

Size: 483mm*400mm*105mm

Weight: 10Kg