Tiger Tough controller

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Function parameter

1.The use of powerful Titan (Titan) 7.2 version of the operating system.

2.Core Duo processor, 64GB SSD, 4GB memory, built-in UPS (power capable of life for half an hour).

3.Supports Chinese menu display, built-in multi language.

4.The built-in 15.4 inch high resolution widescreen touch screen (Gong Yeping).

5.Control station itself 2048 DMX-512 channel output.

6.Supports Art-Net network function, can be expanded to 12 DMX output lines (domain), 6144 channels.

7.10 macro function buttons, allows you to operate more quickly console.

8.20 playback push rod, supporting more than 1000 of the program playback.

9.Attribute control window powerful, CMYRGB picked up the color system.

10.Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the media server in the media server to see the image thumbnail.

11.Wi-Fi access, wireless control, mobile devices (iPad, Touch iPhone) remote control lamps.

12.Built in thousands of lights, built-in lamp library editing software.

13.Built in Visualiser line type lighting visualization software.

14.Support MIDI time code sound and light synchronization function, you can play music in the control station to send the time code to control the lighting program replay.

Product specifications:

Gross weight: 29KG.

Package size: 52*30*73CM.

Input voltage: 110V~220V.